I Believe That Every Single One Of Us,Has A Responsibility To Get Involved In Trying To Make A Difference In The World. Our Generation Faces Many Challenges, Some Of Which Were Passed On To Us By The Past Generations, But It's Up To Us To Find Solutions Today So That We Don't Keep Passing Our Problems On.Each One Of Us Can Make A Difference. Together We Make Change.
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​Mr Michael L Hubbard

​1.We are requested a centralized and federally operated up-to-date police misconduct tracking systems 2.Teaching the truth about America's History (Not His-Story) and the true treatment of people of color in America's History 3Giving psychological aid to people of color who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,because of their treatment by law enforcement and media coverage 4Restoring voting rights to people of color who were targeted by the so called war on drugs,that has directly affected the voting power of the Afro-American 5Requesting that we are allow to appear before the United Nations and International Court of Justice,at The Hague 6.We are asking that you sign a petition asking for relief from the United Nations ,for the relentless and unyielding genocide actions against the Afro-Americans and other people of color by the United States Government 7. Reforming the Laws that are designed to incarcerate people of color 8.We need a national dialog about amending the 13th Amendment. Current implications of the punishment clause 9. We need a Government investigation on why Police arrest black Americans for drug crimes at twice the rate of whites, according to federal data, despite the fact that whites use drugs at comparable rates and sell drugs at even higher rates 10.
The fear that the us government and medical authorities had been engaged in what has been called a “dark history” of medical experimentation on African-Americans is supported by the release over the past several years of once-secret US government documents showing how, from slavery until today, African-Americans have been America’s favorite guinea pig.

During slavery days, when they were recognised in law as only three-fifths of a man, African-Americans were thrown into burning hot pits by white physicians seeking a cure for sunstroke and had boiling water poured on them by white doctors determined to develop a cure for typhoid and pneumonia.

Free to use and abuse African-Americans as they pleased, white surgeons cracked open and probed the brains of black children and operated on the genitals of enslaved black women, all without anaesthetics. One white physician even pressed hot pokers onto the legs and arms of enslaved African-Americans to discover “how deep black skin was.”

Reluctant to inflict such horrors on their fellow whites, white physicians and medical researchers found in enslaved African-Americans the perfect substitute. “It was said that blacks didn’t experience pain, that they were immune to diseases like malaria and heat sickness that made it impossible for whites to work in the field,” says Harriet Washington, an African-American, and author of Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present.

Slavery, Washington writes, probably “couldn’t have persisted without the physicians who said blacks were inferior and made by the creator to be the workhorses of the white man.” The exploitation of African-Americans for medical research did not end with slavery. It continued long afterwards.

                                            Ebb Cade’s Horrific Ordeal

In 1945, African-American Ebb Cade was secretly injected with plutonium, the substance used to make nuclear bombs. Cade, a 53-year-old truck driver, was taken to a hospital in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, after breaking several of his bones in a car accident. He became an unwitting guinea pig in a deadly government experiment, and did not realise the doctors caring for him were also employed by the US Atomic Energy Commission. The doctors had been ordered to find out what exposure to plutonium did to the human body.

Injured and helpless in a hospital bed, Ebb Cade was injected with 0.29 microcuries of plutonium-239, more than 40 times the amount a person might expect to be exposed to in an entire lifetime.

A researcher who worked at the hospital in the 1940s described it as “a whopping dose” years later. In their efforts to see the effects of plutonium, the researchers pulled out 15 of Cade’s teeth to measure plutonium levels in his system. They also collected chips of his bones for study. Held in the hospital for more than six months, Cade rightly suspected that it did not take this long for his broken bones to heal and that he was, in fact, being kept in hospital to be used as a guinea pig.

So, his broken limbs healed, Cade fled the hospital when doctors and nurses were not looking. But he could not escape what the secret nuclear experiments had done to him. Described by doctors when he arrived at the hospital in Oak Ridge as a “well developed and well nourished coloured male in good health”, Cade died a few years later of heart failure

Undaunted by what it had done to Cade in 1945, the US government targeted other African-Americans for experimentation in the 1950s. Early in that decade, the CIA and the US military released close to half a million mosquitoes infected with yellow fever and dengue fever into several black neighborhoods in Florida.

The mosquitoes were dropped from planes in special paper bags designed to burst open when they hit the ground, sending the infected insects off to bite as many African-Americans as they could. The military wanted to find out whether the mosquitoes could prove to be an effective weapon of war that could be used to infect, incapacitate, and kill America’s enemies.

Dozens of African-Americans in the mostly black city of Avon Park, in South Florida, became ill and at least eight residents died from the invasion of the mosquitoes. “Nobody knew about what had gone on here for years,” said a long-time resident of Avon Park. “But in looking back, it explained why a bunch of healthy people got sick and died at the time of those experiments.”

            Even In The Prisons System Afro-American Are Used As Guinea Pigs

Elsewhere in the USA in the 1950s, African-Americans were being experimented on in prisons. Inmates at a prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were used as guinea pigs to test toothpaste, skin cream, hair dye, and soap for several pharmaceutical companies. They were also used to test radioactive, toxic, and mind-altering drugs for the US military.

The head of the study, Dr Albert Kligman, told a newspaper in the 1960s how thrilled he was to have such a large, and captive group, to experiment on. “All I saw before me were acres of skin. It was like a farmer seeing a field for the first time.”

There have been hundreds of horrific experiments conducted on African-Americans without their knowledge or consent. But what happened to 600 African-American men in Tuskegee, Alabama, in the American South, between 1932 and 1972 has been described as “arguably the most infamous biomedical research study in US history”.

What happened at Tuskegee was a secret US government study of the effects of syphilis on the human body. It made President Bill Clinton so angry and ashamed that, in 1997, he felt compelled to issue an official apology on behalf of the US government. 

       President Clinton Statement About The  Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. 

“What was done cannot be undone,” Clinton said in a speech in front of the handful of African-American survivors of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. “But we can end the silence. We can stop turning our heads away. We can look at you in the eye and finally say on behalf of the American people, what the US government did was shameful, and I am sorry … To our African-American citizens, I am sorry that your federal government orchestrated a study so clearly racist.”

There have been songs about what happened at Tuskegee – Tuskegee 626 by Gil Scott-Heron. There have been plays about what happened at Tuskegee – the award- winning Broadway play, Mrs Evers’ Boys.

In 1932, the US Public Health Service (PHS) launched a study to find out what untreated syphilis did to the human body and chose the town of Tuskegee, in Alabama, to conduct its experiments. It selected 600 poor, African-American sharecroppers living in the Tuskegee area as its guinea pigs. Four hundred of them had contracted syphilis before the study began, but they did not realise they had the disease. The other 200, used as a study control, were free of the disease. All were told they had “bad blood”, which many took to mean they had anemia or some other non-lethal malady.

As an enticement to participate in the study, which became known as “The Tuskegee Experiment”, the men were offered free medical care, and free meals on the days they were examined at the PHS clinic. They were also offered a free funeral. Poor and uneducated, the men gladly accepted, unaware they were guinea pigs in a study that would leave dozens of them dead and their wives and children infected with syphilis.

Shockingly, when penicillin, which cured syphilis, became widely available in the 1940s, the medical researchers elected not to inform the men and even prevented some who suspected they had the disease and wanted to sign up for a syphilis treatment programme, from doing so. “The men’s status did not warrant ethical debate,” Dr John Heller, a director of the syphilis experiment, is reported to have said when the Tuskegee Experiment became public. “They were subjects, not patients; clinical material, not sick people.”

Shocking as this is, perhaps the most shocking thing about what happened in Tuskegee is the role played by African-American health workers, like Eunice Rivers, who helped convince the 600 sharecroppers to participate in the experiments and helped keep them ignorant of what was going on for 40 years. “So far, we are keeping the known positive patients from getting treatment,” Nurse Rivers boasted to her bosses.

Other African-Americans, too, were complicit. The president of the black college, the Tuskegee Institute, allowed his institution to be used by the PHS to conduct its research. Several black physicians aided white researchers in their syphilis experiments.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study lasted 40 years, until the whistle was blown to the media in 1972 by Peter Buxton, a PHS employee. Before he went to the media, Buxton tried to have the PHS shut down the study, but he was told by the study’s directors that it would be continued until all the men had died, been autopsied, and the findings logged.

The New York Times headline of 26 July 1972 that broke the story 40 years ago was emphatic: “Syphilis Victims in US Study Went Untreated for 40 Years; Syphilis Victims Got No Therapy”, it said. In all, 28 of the men died of syphilis, and 100 died of complications related to the disease. There were other casualties, too. Of the men’s wives, 40 became ill and 19 of their children were born with congenital syphilis.

Saying the US criminal system is racist may be politically controversial in some circles. But the facts are overwhelming. No real debate about that. Below I set out numerous examples of these facts.

The question is - are these facts the mistakes of an otherwise good system, or are they evidence that the racist criminal justice system is working exactly as intended? Is the US criminal justice system operated to marginalize and control millions of African Americans?

Information on race is available for each step of the criminal justice system - from the use of drugs, police stops, arrests, getting out on bail, legal representation, jury selection, trial, sentencing, prison, parole and freedom. Look what these facts show.

One. The US has seen a surge in arrests and putting people in jail over the last four decades. Most of the reason is the war on drugs. Yet whites and blacks engage in drug offenses, possession and sales, at roughly comparable rates - according to a report on race and drug enforcement published by Human Rights Watch in May 2008. While African Americans comprise 13% of the US population and 14% of monthly drug users they are 37% of the people arrested for drug offenses - according to 2009 Congressional testimony by Marc Mauer of The Sentencing Project.

Two. The police stop blacks and Latinos at rates that are much higher than whites. In New York City, where people of color make up about half of the population, 80% of the NYPD stops were of blacks and Latinos. When whites were stopped, only 8% were frisked. When blacks and Latinos are stopped 85% were frisked according to information provided by the NYPD. The same is true most other places as well. In a California study, the ACLU found blacks are three times more likely to be stopped than whites.

Three. Since 1970, drug arrests have skyrocketed rising from 320,000 to close to 1.6 million according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice.
African Americans are arrested for drug offenses at rates 2 to 11 times higher than the rate for whites - according to a May 2009 report on disparity in drug arrests by Human Rights Watch.

Four. Once arrested, blacks are more likely to remain in prison awaiting trial than whites. For example, the New York state division of criminal justice did a 1995 review of disparities in processing felony arrests and found that in some parts of New York blacks are 33% more likely to be detained awaiting felony trials than whites facing felony trials.

Five. Once arrested, 80% of the people in the criminal justice system get a public defender for their lawyer. Race plays a big role here as well. Stop in any urban courtroom and look a the color of the people who are waiting for public defenders. Despite often heroic efforts by public defenders the system gives them much more work and much less money than the prosecution. The American Bar Association, not a radical bunch, reviewed the US public defender system in 2004 and concluded "All too often, defendants plead guilty, even if they are innocent, without really understanding their legal rights or what is occurring...The fundamental right to a lawyer that America assumes applies to everyone accused of criminal conduct effectively does not exist in practice for countless people across the US."

Six. African Americans are frequently illegally excluded from criminal jury service according to a June 2010 study released by the Equal Justice Initiative. For example in Houston County, Alabama, 8 out of 10 African Americans qualified for jury service have been struck by prosecutors from serving on death penalty cases.

Seven. Trials are rare. Only 3 to 5 percent of criminal cases go to trial - the rest are plea bargained. Most African Americans defendants never get a trial. Most plea bargains consist of promise of a longer sentence if a person exercises their constitutional right to trial. As a result, people caught up in the system, as the American Bar Association points out, plead guilty even when innocent. Why? As one young man told me recently, "Who wouldn't rather do three years for a crime they didn't commit than risk twenty-five years for a crime they didn't do?"

Eight. The U.S. Sentencing Commission reported in March 2010 that in the federal system black offenders receive sentences that are 10% longer than white offenders for the same crimes. Marc Mauer of the Sentencing Project reports African Americans are 21% more likely to receive mandatory minimum sentences than white defendants and 20% more like to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants.

Nine. The longer the sentence, the more likely it is that non-white people will be the ones getting it. A July 2009 report by the Sentencing Project found that two-thirds of the people in the US with life sentences are non-white. In New York, it is 83%.

Ten. As a result, African Americans, who are 13% of the population and 14% of drug users, are not only 37% of the people arrested for drugs but 56% of the people in state prisons for drug offenses. Marc Mauer May 2009 Congressional Testimony for The Sentencing Project.

Eleven. The US Bureau of Justice Statistics concludes that the chance of a black male born in 2001 of going to jail is 32% or 1 in three. Latino males have a 17% chance and white males have a 6% chance. Thus black boys are five times and Latino boys nearly three times as likely as white boys to go to jail.

Twelve. So, while African American juvenile youth is but 16% of the population, they are 28% of juvenile arrests, 37% of the youth in juvenile jails and 58% of the youth sent to adult prisons. 2009 Criminal Justice Primer, The Sentencing Project.

Thirteen. Remember that the US leads the world in putting our own people into jail and prison. The New York Times reported in 2008 that the US has five percent of the world's population but a quarter of the world's prisoners, over 2.3 million people behind bars, dwarfing other nations. The US rate of incarceration is five to eight times higher than other highly developed countries and black males are the largest percentage of inmates according to ABC News.

Fourteen. Even when released from prison, race continues to dominate. A study by Professor Devah Pager of the University of Wisconsin found that 17% of white job applicants with criminal records received call backs from employers while only 5% of black job applicants with criminal records received call backs. Race is so prominent in that study that whites with criminal records actually received better treatment than blacks without criminal records!

So, what conclusions do these facts lead to? The criminal justice system, from start to finish, is seriously racist.

Professor Michelle Alexander concludes that it is no coincidence that the criminal justice system ramped up its processing of African Americans just as the Jim Crow laws enforced since the age of slavery ended. Her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness sees these facts as evidence of the new way the US has decided to control African Americans - a racialized system of social control. The stigma of criminality functions in much the same way as Jim Crow - creating legal boundaries between them and us, allowing legal discrimination against them, removing the right to vote from millions, and essentially warehousing a disposable population of unwanted people. She calls it a new caste system.

Recent police shootings of unarmed black men have put focus on the racism in the criminal justice system, but the oppressive effects of mass incarceration extend beyond just people of color .
Jon Burge, Torturer of Over 700 Black Men, Is Out of Prison After Less Than Four Years
Former Chicago police commander Jon Burge, who was convicted of lying about torturing over 100 African-American men at station houses on Chicago’s South and West Sides, will walk out of the Butner Correctional Institution, having been released to a halfway house in Tampa, Florida.

Burge’s 2010 conviction for perjury came nearly 20 years after his reign of racist terror finally ended. From 1972 to 1991, he led a torture ring of white Chicago detectives who routinely used electric shock, suffocation with plastic bags and typewriter covers, mock executions and brutal attacks on the genitals to obtain confessions from their victims. A team of lawyers at the People’s Law Office, including myself, documented 118 such cases. But a series of police superintendents, numerous Cook County prosecutors and a cover-up that implicated former Mayor Richard M. Daley (during his time as both mayor and state’s attorney) protected Burge and his men from prosecution until well after the statute of limitations had run out on their crimes of torture.

Like Al Capone's prosecution for tax evasion, Burge could only be prosecuted for lying about what he and his men did, not for the deeds themselves. He was sentenced to the maximum term of four and a half years, and ended up serving three and a half before being released to a halfway house—a stark contrast to the fates of his victims, many of whom received death sentences or life in prison on the basis of confessions that were tortured from them.

Despite his felony conviction, Burge continued to collect his pension (now at $54,000 per year) while serving his time, and the Illinois Supreme Court recently decided four to three that he may continue to do so in the future. But the nearly $700,000 that Burge has already collected is little compared to what Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois and federal taxpayers have already expended as a result of the Burge torture scandal.
This video is for educational purposes. The information has been hidden for many years and it is very important to bear witness to it.
Nixon Tapes - Blacks and Jews
More Proof of Organized Racism Against Blacks! Richard Nixon.
 The Systematic, Bureaucratic, State-Sponsored Persecution And Murder Of Blacks If This Were Happening Any Other Place In The World The United States Of America Would Send Trops

Name: Detroit Race Riot
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Date: 20/06/1943
Fatalities: 34
Estimated No. of Refugees: Unknown
Narrative/Notes: "Over the course of three days, 34 people were killed. Of them, 25 were African–Americans, 17 of whom were killed by the police. Thirteen murders remain unsolved. Out of the approximately 600 injured, black people accounted for more than 75 percent and of the roughly 1,800 people who were arrested over the course of the three-day riots, black people accounted for 85 percent."

Name: Chicago race riot
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date: 27/07/1919
Fatalities: 38+
Estimated No. of Refugees: unknown
Narrative/Notes: Casualties comprised of 23 blacks and 15 whites. 600+ injured

Name: Spring Valley pogrom
Location: Spring Valley, Illinois
Date: 02/09/1895
Fatalities: Unknown
Estimated No. of Refugees: 100+
Narrative/Notes: One man was indicted for "giving aid and encouragement to the recent mob that drove the colored people out of the city." No indication of exact numbers, but evidently it was many.

Name: North Platte Pogrom
Location: North Platte, Nebraska
Date: 01/10/1929
Fatalities: Unknown
Estimated No. of Refugees: 200+
Narrative/Notes: "Because a Negro killed a police officer in a Nebraska town, the entire Negro population of over 200 was driven out, and had to go, regardless of salvaging of house-hold goods. This was after the murderer was trapped in a basement,which was drenched with gasolene and fired, the Negro defeating the proposed-torture by killing himself. The Nebraska mob, like mobs in he North, was not satisfied with singling-out the guilty man and giving him punishment of the kind usually meted out by mobs but directed its vengeance upon the entire [African American] population."

Name: El Dorado race riot
Location: El Dorado, Kansas
Date: 12/12/1916
Fatalities: Unknown
Estimated No. of Refugees: 150+
Narrative/Notes: A white mob 300-strong was reported to be "chasing negroes out of the city." They destroyed black businesses and more than "150 negroes were rounded up and driven from the city."

Name: Dewey riot
Location: Dewey, Oklahoma
Date: 01/09/1918
Fatalities: 0
Estimated No. of Refugees: 100+
Narrative/Notes: "In 1918 20 [African American] families were burnt out of Dewey in northeastern Oklahoma.." this collective punishment apparently followed the killing of the local Marshal by an African American. "Little Africa" was burnt to the ground.

Name: Tulsa Pogrom
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date: 31/05/1921
Fatalities: 50-300+
Estimated No. of Refugees: 10,000+
Narrative/Notes: The Tulsa pogrom "resulted in the Greenwood District, also known as 'the Black Wall Street' and the wealthiest black community in the United States, being burned to the ground. During the 16 hours of the assault, more than 800 people were admitted to local white hospitals with injuries (the two black hospitals were burned down), and police arrested and detained more than 6,000 black Greenwood residents at three local facilities.[2]:108–109 An estimated 10,000 blacks were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire. The official count of the dead by the Oklahoma Department of Vital Statistics was 39, but other estimates of black fatalities vary from 55 to about 300."

Name: Pierce City Pogrom
Location: Pierce City, Missouri
Date: 19/08/1901
Fatalities: 3+
Estimated No. of Refugees: 300+
Narrative/Notes: "White residents in Pierce City ignited a 15-hour rampage with weapons stolen from a state militia arsenal and violently banished the town’s 300 black residents."

Name: Ste. Genevieve pogrom
Location: Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
Date: 16/10/1930
Fatalities: unknown
Estimated No. of Refugees: 100+
Narrative/Notes: "In 1930 state troopers were twice called into the little town of Ste. Genevieve to prevent a triple lynching. The entire black population, with the exception of two families, left town after the threatened lynchings."

Name: Knoxville riot
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Date: 30/08/1919
Fatalities: Unknown
Estimated No. of Refugees: 200+
Narrative/Notes: Number of dead varies. From 2 to hundreds. Bodies apparently thrown into the river or buried in mass grave. Tennessee National Guard took part in the assualt on the African American neighbourhood.

. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contacted me during 2013 and 2014 and shared many issues regarding fraud and malfeasance in the CDC, specifically regarding the link between neurodevelopmental disorders and childhood vaccines. Dr. Thompson and I spoke on the phone more than 40 times over a 10 month period and he shared thousands of pages of CDC documents with me. Eventually, Dr. Thompson turned this information over to Congress via Rep. Bill Posey of Florida. Among the issues discussed in the phone conversations were lies told to the public by the CDC regarding the link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism) as well as the links between the MMR vaccine and autism in African American males and the MMR vaccine and “isolated” autism. Isolated autism is the term coined by CDC researchers referring to all children who received an autism diagnosis without additional diagnoses of mental retardation, cerebral palsy, visual impairment or hearing impairment.

Very recently, Mr. Richard Morgan, Esq., Dr. Thompson’s whistle blower attorney, stated that Dr. Thompson will be publishing a paper in May, 2016, where he will assert that the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism in African American males. Instead Dr. Thompson will state that socioeconomic factors alone in the African American community account for the original MMR-African American male “effect” (the effect that he is on record as stating the CDC purposefully hid). I have not been given access to Dr. Thompson’s reanalysis and therefore cannot comment regarding the forthcoming paper at this time. However, I am suspect of any analysis coming from the CDC due to the historic nature of the agency’s scientific misconduct and conflicts of interest specifically around any link between vaccines and autism.

Regardless Of The Content Of Dr. Thompson’s Reanalysis Paper, These Facts Remain:

1. CDC scientists colluded to cover up a relationship between the timing of the MMR vaccine and autism in African Americans that was first discovered in November of 2001. Rather than reporting the results to the public, all data regarding this relationship were destroyed at a secret meeting held some time in August/September of 2002. This fact has been affirmed via an affidavit given by Dr. Thompson to Rep. Bill Posey in September, 2014.

2. Dr. Thompson attempted to warn the CDC Director at the time, Dr. Julie Gerberding, regarding this relationship, prior to the February 2004 Institute of Medicine meeting on vaccines and autism. Rather than allowing Dr. Thompson to present the information at this meeting, Dr. Gerberding replaced him as a speaker with Dr. Frank Destefano, current director of the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office, where he presented fraudulent results regarding the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Thompson was put on administrative leave and was threatened that he would be fired due to “insubordination.”

3. When Dr. Thompson attempted to leave the CDC later that same year, he was given a $24,000 retention bonus. Dr. Thompson’s impression of the timing of this bonus, in light of disciplinary actions taken against him earlier that year, is that CDC officials were “buying his silence” through controlling his actions as a CDC employee.

4. Dr. Thompson has published two papers linking thimerosal exposure in infant vaccines to tics in boys (Thompson et al. 2007 and Barile et al. 2012). CDC fraudulently maintains on their website that “There is no evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site.” ( The tic result was also affirmed in the earlier CDC publication by Verstraeten et al. (2003) and the Andrews et al. (2004) publication.

5. CDC pressured Dr. Thompson to downplay the tic result of his analysis in his 2007 paper. He was instructed to deemphasize the tic result by the CDC’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Tanja Popovic, by emphasizing that the “major finding of the study” was “there is NO associations (sic) of thimerosal exposure with the great majority of the outcomes.” Dr. Popovic also instructed Dr. Thompson to interpret any negative outcomes as “chance findings.”

6. CDC also pressured Dr. Thompson to withhold publication of his 2012 paper which reported a relationship between thimerosal and tics. Dr. Ed Travathan, head of the CDC’s National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, stated in an April 27, 2009 memo to him that the analysis was sound except for the tic results and that they should be omitted from the publication. Since the tic result was the only result that had a consistent negative relationship with thimerosal exposure, it seemed that Dr. Thompson’s superiors were specifically concerned that thimerosal’s safety and use not be questioned. As an epidemiologist, Dr. Thompson was justifiably concerned and critical of the CDC’s action to approve the paper for publication only after the CDC took the extraordinary step of adding an expert in tics to water down the paper to state, “This finding should be interpreted with caution due to limitations in the measurement of tics and the limited biological plausibility regarding a causal relationship.”
Thompson himself instructed me regarding the link between thimerosal and “autism like features” and stated that “tics were like five times more common in children with autism.” Yet the CDC will not recommend thimerosal-free vaccines and thimerosal is still used in many flu shots given to infants and pregnant women in the U.S.

Beyond this, the CDC, through the fraud and scientific malfeasance revealed by Dr. Thompson and others, has been shown repeatedly to be a conflicted, dysfunctional agency having no business stewarding vaccine safety for the United States. I join the call from Dr. William Thompson and many others to remove vaccine safety surveillance activities from the CDC to an entity completely independent of the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services as a whole. Again, the revelations of Dr. Thompson go far beyond issues with the MMR vaccine and affirm my own inquiry of the CDC starting in 2001. Please join me in calling for an immediate Congressional investigation of this agency.

Name: New York Draft Riots
Location: Fifth Avenue, New York
Date: 13/07/1863
Fatalities: 11
Estimated No. of Refugees: 1,000+
Narrative/Notes: Mobs (mostly of foreign-born, especially Irish, workers) attacked and burned homes and businesses of African Americans. They also attacked the homes of white abolitionists and completely destroyed the Coloured Orphan Asylum on 44th Street. This white working-class violence changed the demographics of the city as hundreds of black families fled the city.

Name: Forsyth County Pogrom
Location: Forsyth County, Georgia
Date: 10/09/1912
Fatalities: 1+
Estimated No. of Refugees: 1,000+
Narrative/Notes: Campaign of terror across Northern Georgia, "racial cleansing"; white mobs burnt black churches and homes. Those that employed black workers were threatened. Those who did not leave fast enough were told they would be shot. An estimated 98% of African Americans in the County had left by the time the campaign ended.

Name: Wilmington Riot
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Date: 10/11/1898
Fatalities: 15-60+
Estimated No. of Refugees: 200+
Narrative/Notes: Suspected that hundreds may have been killed.

Name: Carrollton Massacre
Location: Carrollton, Mississippi
Date: 17/03/1886
Fatalities: 20
Estimated No. of Refugees: unknown
Narrative/Notes: Triggered by trial--100 to 150 armed men enter courthouse and massacre blacks

Name: Ocoee Massacre
Location: Ocoee, Florida
Date: 02/11/1920
Fatalities: 35+
Estimated No. of Refugees: 500+
Narrative/Notes: "Florida's Election Day in 1920 was the single bloodiest day in modern American political history. African Americans throughout Florida who were trying to register as well as to vote were beaten, driven out of their home counties, and assassinated."

Name: Rosewood Massacre
Location: Rosewood, Florida
Date: 01/01/1923
Fatalities: 7+
Estimated No. of Refugees: 150+
Narrative/Notes: Summary from "On January 1, 1923 a massacre was carried out in the small, predominantly black town of Rosewood in Central Florida. The massacre was instigated by the rumor that a white woman, Fanny Taylor, had been sexually assaulted by a black man in her home in a nearby community. A group of white men, believing this rapist to be a recently escaped convict named Jesse Hunter who was hiding in Rosewood, assembled to capture this man. Prior this event a series of incidents had stirred racial tensions within Rosewood. During the previous winter of 1922 a white school teacher from Perry had been murdered and on New Years Eve of 1922 there was a Ku Klux Klan rally held in Gainesville, located not far away from Rosewood."
Name: Opelousas Massacre
Location: Opelousas, Louisiana
Date: 28/09/1868
Fatalities: 100-300
Estimated No. of Refugees: unknown
Narrative/Notes: "The Opelousas massacre occurred in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, on September 28, 1868. It centered around Emerson Bentley, a white editor for a local newspaper called The Landry Progress and an influential schoolteacher who promoted the education of black children. Bentley wrote an article that local members of the Seymour Knights, a branch unit of the white supremacist group The Knights of the White Camellia, deemed offensive. The backlash to the article led three men to take the attempt to intimidate and severely cane Bentley, causing him to flee St. Landry. Local blacks were told that Bentley had been murdered and banded together to retaliate. While marching towards Opelousas with arms in hand, efforts were made to inform the freedmen that Bentley had not been murdered but escaped; causing some of the men to retreat, while others continued to march. The freedmen were met by armed whites determined to defend their town. Shooting occurred by both sides and twenty-nine black prisoners were captured. On September 29, all of the captured prisoners, with the exception of two men, were taken from the prison and executed. The violence at Opelousas continued for weeks to come. The death toll of the massacre resulted in some controversy. Three white Radical Republicans and two Democrats were killed in the assault. Republicans stated that around 200-300 blacks where killed whereas the Democrats denied this claim as fraudulent and stated that only twenty-five to thirty were killed. Historians today have deduced that the Republicans were more correct in their number range."

Name: Thiboudaux Massacre
Location: Thiboudaux, Louisiana
Date: 01/11/1887
Fatalities: 35-300
Estimated No. of Refugees: Unknown
Narrative/Notes: "Although the number of casualties is unknown, at least 35 and as many as three hundred workers were killed, making it one of the most violent labour disputes in U.S. history. All of the victims were African American."

Name: New Orleans Massacre
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date: 30/07/1866
Fatalities: 38
Estimated No. of Refugees: unknown
Narrative/Notes: "During a break in the [Louisiana Constitutional] Convention, violence broke out between armed white supremacists and African Americans marching in support of suffrage - and the African Americans were not prepared for the fight. Unarmed African Americans were attacked and murdered, and many law enforcement officials perpetrated the crimes."
In the last decades of the nineteenth century, the lynching of Black people in the Southern and border states became an institutionalized method used by whites to terrorize Blacks and maintain white supremacy. In the South, during the period 1880 to 1940, there was deep-seated and all-pervading hatred and fear of the Negro which led white mobs to turn to lynch law as a means of social control. Lynchings open public murders of individuals suspected of crime conceived and carried out more or less spontaneously by a mob seem to have been an American invention. In Lynch-Law, the first scholarly investigation of lynching, written in 1905, author James E. Cutler stated that lynching is a criminal practice which is peculiar to the United States.

Most of the lynchings were by hanging or shooting, or both. However, many were of a more hideous nature burning at the stake, maiming, dismemberment, castration, and other brutal methods of physical torture. Lynching therefore was a cruel combination of racism and sadism, which was utilized primarily to sustain the caste system in the South. Many white people believed that Negroes could only be controlled by fear. To them, lynching was seen as the most effective means of control.
Framed by racism, segregation and white supremacism, these violent incidents cover almost every aspect of American society. Housing, military, labour, unions, politics, business, religion, justice, police enforcement, education, and immigration.
Sara "Saartjie" Baartman

1.Ebb Cade’s horrific ordeal injected with plutonium, the substance used to make nuclear bombs. Cade, a 53-year-old truck driver, 

2.Early in that decade, the CIA and the US military released close to half a million mosquitoes infected with yellow fever and dengue fever into several black neighborhoods in Florida. 

3.African-Americans were being experimented on in prisons. Inmates at a prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were used as guinea pigs to test  radioactive, toxic, and mind-altering drugs for the US military. 

4.There have been hundreds of horrific experiments conducted on African-Americans without their knowledge or consent. But what happened to 600 African-American men in Tuskegee, Alabama, in the American South, between 1932 and 1972 has been described as “arguably the most infamous biomedical research study in US history”.

5. Did you know that the united states government Suppressed Data   By The CDC that Proved That The MMR Vaccine Produces A 340% Increased Risk Of Autism in African-American Boys. 

6. Before LSD escaped the lab and was evangelized by hippies, the U.S. government was secretly testing the effects of the drug on hundreds of unsuspecting Afro-American civilians and military personnel. In a must-read feature on newly unclassified material on the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operation, the MK-ULTRA program, which ran from 1953 to 1964, SF Weekly fully exposes the bizarre world of the CIA’s unethical drug tests. The utterly-unbelievable-but-true story involved using hookers to lure in unwitting johns for undisclosed testing, narcotics agents who slipped drugs into drinks, and a U.S. marshal who held up a San Francisco bar not knowing he was high on acid. 

7. Water contamination plagues low-income areas and communities of Afro-american across the nation.Afro-American children who live in urban areas are at the highest risk for lead poisoning caused by lead-pipes and lead paint. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that 11.2 percent of African American children and 4.0 percent of Mexican-American children are poisoned by lead, study showed that the water quality in Afro-American neighborhoods is  poor and it has been a know fact for decades before people were talking about lead pipes and poisoning.  

8.CIA-Crack Cocaine and its use in the destruction of the black community and the 100 of thousand of black men incarcerated because of racist drug laws . 

9. War On Drugs.The drug war has produced profoundly unequal outcomes across racial groups, manifested through racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug war misery suffered by communities of color. 

10.Report: FBI Finds White Supremacists Infiltrated Law Enforcement Agencies and The United States has had this information for over 20 years .Black Men are being murder by law enforcement at an alarming rate yet the government chose not to look at the connection between these murders and white supremacist groups working in law enforcement .

11. African American Male and the Criminal Justice System In recent years policy attention regarding the crisis of the African American male has focused on a variety of areas in which African American males have suffered disproportionately from social ills..Perhaps in no other area, though, have these problems been displayed as prominently as in the realm of crime and the criminal justice system. African Americans have been affected in this area more so then any other races in America. 

12.When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims.

13.RACE And Wrongful Convictions in the United States African Americans are only 13% of the American population but a majority of innocent defendants wrongfully convicted of crimes and later exonerated.

14.White riots and pogroms against Black Americans are a fixture of American history. But the corporate news media enables many white Americans’ intentional forgetting and mass amnesia.

15. Lynchings ,It is important to remember that the hangings, burning and dismemberment of black American men, women and children that were relatively common in this country between the Civil War and World War II were often public events. They were sometimes advertised in newspapers and drew hundreds and even thousands of white spectators, including elected officials and leading citizens who were so swept up in the carnivals of death that they posed with their children for keepsake photographs within arm’s length of mutilated black corpses.


"Once you set up a covert operation to supply arms and money, it's very difficult to separate it from the kind of people who are involved in other forms of trade, and especially drugs. There is a limited number of planes, pilots and landing strips. By developing a system for supply of the Contras, the US built a road for drug supply into the US."

“The charges could hardly be worse,” the article opens. “A widely read newspaper series leads many Americans to believe the CIA is guilty of at least complicity, if not conspiracy, in the outbreak of crack cocaine in America’s inner cities. In more extreme versions of the story circulating on talk radio and the Internet, the Agency was the instrument of a consistent strategy by the US Government to destroy the black community and to keep black Americans from advancing. Denunciations of CIA — reminiscent of the 1970s — abound. Investigations are demanded and initiated. The Congress gets involved.”

In 1986, Senator John Kerry and Senator Christopher Dodd proposed a series of hearings at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding charges of Contra involvement in drug trafficking; the hearings were conducted by Senator Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, the Republican Chairman of the Committee. The report of the Committee, released on April 13, 1989, found that "the Contra drug links included:"

"Involvement in narcotics trafficking by individuals associated with the Contra movement."
"Participation of narcotics traffickers in Contra supply operations through business relationships with Contra organizations."
"Provision of assistance to the Contras by narcotics traffickers, including cash, weapons, planes, pilots, air supply services and other materials, on a voluntary basis by the traffickers."
"Payments to drug traffickers by the U.S. State Department of funds authorized by the Congress for humanitarian assistance to the Contras, in some cases after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies on drug charges, in others while traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies.
According to the report, the U.S. State Department paid over $806,000 to "four companies owned and operated by narcotics traffickers" to carry humanitarian assistance to the Contras.

How The US Government Used Black People As Guinea Pigs
Undaunted By What It Had Done To Cade In 1945, The US Government Targeted Other African-Americans For Experimentation In The 1950s. Early In That Decade, The CIA And The US Military Released Close To Half A Million Mosquitoes Infected With Yellow Fever And Dengue Fever Into Several Black Neighborhoods In Florida.

The experiments in Avon Park, about 170 miles from Miami, were covertly conducted in a low-income African-American neighborhood that contained several newly constructed public housing projects. CIA documents related to its top-secret Project MK/NAOMI clearly indicate that the mosquitoes used in Avon Park were the Aedes aegypti type. Specially equipped aircraft, in one of the larger experiments, released 600,000 mosquitoes over the area. In one of the Avon Park experiments, about 150,000 mosquitoes were dropped in paper bags designed to open upon impact with the ground. Each bag held about 1,000 insects. Besides dengue, some of the mosquitoes were also carrying yellow fever.
Avon Park residents, still living in the area, say the experiments resulted in "at least 30 or 40 deaths." One elderly resident told Truthout, "Nobody knew about what had gone on here for years, maybe over 20 years, but in looking back it explained why a bunch of healthy people got sick quick and died at the time of those experiments." Interestingly, at the same time experiments were conducted in Florida, there were at least two cases of dengue fever reported among civilian researchers at Fort Detrick in Maryland.
African-Americans were being experimented on in prisons. Inmates at a prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were used as guinea pigs to test radioactive, toxic, and mind-altering drugs for the US military. 
The Holmesburg prison was home to several trials which raised several ethical and moral questions pertaining to the extent to which humans can be experimented on. In many cases, inmates chose to undergo several inhumane trials for the sake of small monetary reward. The prison was viewed as a human laboratory. It was an “idle collection of humanity that seemed ideal for dermatologic study.” Dr. Albert Kligman famously recounted entering the Holmesburg prison for the first as, “All I saw before me were acres of skin. It was like a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time.” 

One inmate described experiments involving exposure to microwave radiation, sulfuric and carbonic acid, solutions which corroded and reduced forearm epidermis to a leather-like substance, and acids which blistered skin in the testicular areas. In addition to exposure to harmful chemical agents, patients were asked to physically exert themselves and were immediately put under the knife to remove sweat glands for examination. In more gruesome accounts, fragments of cadavers were stitched into the backs of inmates to determine if the fragments were grow back into functional organs. Such experiments did not simply affect the wellbeing of individual inmates but also affected the health of entire cells due to experimentation with biological agents including Hong Kong flu, poison ivy, and poison oak. So common was the experimentation that in the 1,200-person prison facility, around 80-90% of inmates could be seen experimented on. 
The United States Of America Dropped Diseased And Highly Contagious Mosquitoes From Planes In Special Design Paper Bags That Would Burst Open Once They Hit The Ground In Black Neighborhoods To Test The Effective Of This New Weapon
The Holmesburg prison was home to several trials which raised several ethical and moral questions pertaining to the extent to which humans can be experimented on. In many cases, inmates chose to undergo several inhumane trials for the sake of small monetary reward. The prison was viewed as a human laboratory. It was an “idle collection of humanity that seemed ideal for dermatologic study.” Dr. Albert Kligman famously recounted entering the Holmesburg prison for the first as, “All I saw before me were acres of skin. It was like a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time.”
Holmesburg Prison Trials,They Did The Following To Afro-American People.
1.Chemical Testing 2.Radioactive Testing 3.Dioxin Testing.To Learn More Please Clink Bottom         And Learn What Types Of Experimentation They Were Doing .What Were The Repercussions Of  Th Experiments And What The FDA Conclued
Holmesburg Prison Is Part Of The City Of Philadelphia Prison System. Built In 1896 And In Continuous Use Until 1995
Data Suppressed By The CDC Proved That The MMR Vaccine Produces A 340% Increased Risk Of Autism In African-American Boys.
The Wicked Study
Regarding CIA knowledge of these facts, the report said: "the CIA's Chief of the Central American Task Force went on to say: We knew that everybody around Pastora was involved in cocaine ... His staff and friends were drug smugglers or involved in drug smuggling.

​The Biggest Crime In The U.S. Criminal Justice System Is That It Is A Race-Based Institution Where African-Americans Are Directly Targeted And Punished In A Much More Aggressive Way Than White People.

Fourteen Examples of Racism in Criminal Justice System
It is important to remember that the hangings, burnings and dismemberments of black American men, women and children that were relatively common in this country between the Civil War and World War II were often public events. They were sometimes advertised in newspapers and drew hundreds and even thousands of white spectators, including elected officials and leading citizens who were so swept up in the carnivals of death that they posed with their children for keepsake photographs within arm’s length of mutilated black corpses.
“[I want to] encourage people to think broadly about the connections between past and present, to realize that the things we experience today did not just start yesterday ... they go back 150 years. And the things that were happening 150 years ago go back much, much farther than that. So I hope for students to come away with a sense of the continuity of history, with the complexity of history,” he said.  

“Because abuse, as we know, is something that replicates itself from generation to generation,” he continued, “and if people start their lives by viewing everything through a lens of violence, it’s going to turn up in racial violence, but it’s also going to turn up in domestic violence. It’s going to turn up in the dysfunction of the individual human being in a myriad of ways.”
​The Atlantic Slave Trade was the largest Forced migration in world history.
Framed by racism, segregation and white supremacist, these violent incidents cover almost every aspect of American society. Housing, military, labor, unions, politics, business, religion, justice, police enforcement, education, and immigration.
We are all entitled to safety. That is a human right everyone has a right to expect. But do we really think that continuing with a deeply racist system leading the world in incarcerating our children is making us safer?
It is time for every person interested in justice and safety to join in and dismantle this racist system. 
​A reminder of what the term “race riot” has usually meant throughout American history ,for most of America's history "race riot" meant white supremacy asserting itself through ritualized violence. This list is NOT comprehensive, and does not include all white riots 
or the 26 anti-black race riots during the Summer of 1919. But they offer a glimpse.

Johnson had been beaten several times by Smith, even days before Smith’s death; he was beaten severely by Smith for refusing to work while he was sick. Smith also had a long history with Mary Turner and her husband. Turner’s husband had been sentenced to the chain gang when he threatened Smith for beating Mary.
Smith’s murder was followed by a week-long mob-driven manhunt in which at least 13 people were killed. Among those killed was Mary’s husband, Hayes Turner, who was seized from custody after his arrest on the morning of May 18, 1918, and L*nched.
Mary became distraught after the murder of her husband. She denied that her husband had been involved in Smith’s killing, publicly opposed her husband’s murder, and threatened to have members of the mob arrested. The mob then turned against her, determined to “teach her a lesson.”
She was able to flee, but the mob found her and took her to Folsom Bridge, where they hung her upside down from a tree, doused her in gasoline and motor oil, and set her on fire. While Turner was still alive, a member of the mob split her abdomen open with a knife. Her unborn child fell on the ground, where it cried before it was stomped on and crushed. Finally, Turner’s body was riddled with hundreds of bullets. Mary Turner and her child were cut down and buried near the tree. A whiskey bottle marked the grave.

Mary Turner was a 19-year-old black woman born in 1899 to Perry Graham and Elizabeth Johnson in Brooks County, Georgia. When Turner was eight months pregnant, she was murdered after she publicly denounced the unlawful extrajudicial killing of her husband, Hazel Turner.
On the evening of May 16, 1918, a white planter who was known to abuse and beat his workers, Hampton Smith, was shot and killed on the plantation by a black worker, 18-year-old Sidney Johnson. Smith resolved the labor shortage through the use of convict labor, paid Johnson’s $30 fine (Johnson had been convicted of playing dice), and forced him to work on his plantation.
In Mississippi in 1904, a Luther Holbert was alleged to have killed a local white landowner. Holbert and his wife were captured by a mob and taken to be lynched before hundreds of white spectators. Both victims were tied to a tree and their fingers cut off and distributed to the crowd as souvenirs before they were viciously beaten.
“Members of the mob used a large corkscrew to bore holes into the victims’ bodies and pull out large chunks of ‘quivering flesh’, after which both victims were thrown onto a raging fire and burned,” the report says.
“The white men, women and children present watched the horrific murders while enjoying devilled eggs, lemonade and whiskey in a picnic-like atmosphere.”
Stevenson said they discovered a phenomenon known as “near-lynchings” where the fear that an encounter with a white person might provoke a mob to carry out a “terror lynching” led millions of blacks to flee the South, not to seek work in the north but as refugees.
 Typical White Terrorist Lynching

Lynching in America makes the case that lynching of African Americans was terrorism, a widely supported phenomenon used to enforce racial subordination and segregation. Lynchings were violent and public events that traumatized black people throughout the country and were largely tolerated by state and federal officials. This was not “frontier justice” carried out by a few marginalized vigilantes or extremists. Instead, many African Americans who were never accused of any crime were tortured and murdered in front of picnicking spectators (including elected officials and prominent citizens) for bumping into a white person, or wearing their military uniforms after World War I, or not using the appropriate title when addressing a white person. People who participated in lynchings were celebrated and acted with impunity.
The mob took both the women to a big oak tree and tied them beside their husbands. The mob fired three point-blank volleys. The coroner's estimate counted sixty shots fired at close range.They shot and killed them near Moore's Ford Bridge spanning the Apalachee River, 60 miles (97 km) east of Atlanta. After Mae Murray Dorsey was shot, her fetus was cut from her body with a knife.
Lynching Pregnant Black Woman Was Not Uncommon ,Cutting Open Their Stomach To Kill The Unborn Child Was Also A common White Terrorist Practice
​A reminder of what the term “race riot” has usually meant throughout American history ,for most of America's history "race riot" meant white supremacy asserting itself through ritualized violence. This list is NOT comprehensive, and does not include all white riots or the 26 anti-black race riots during the Summer of 1919. But they offer a glimpse.
 Watch the video. Walter Scott, unarmed and slow of foot, tries to run away. Police officer Michael Slager calmly fires five rounds into Scott's back. Later, Slager approaches Scott's body, not to give first aid but apparently to plant evidence of a struggle that never took place.

Now tell me: How cheap is black life in these United States of America?
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 Walter Scott,Video
Shooting a man who was lying down with his hands up?
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Unarmed Man With Hands Up Shot Dead By Police [VIDEO]
New Video Shows Cop Planting Drug Evidence After Beating Unarmed Man
Unarmed Man With Hands Up 
Charleena Lyles: Police officers shoot and kill pregnant black woman after she reports burglary
“What’s wrong with our police?” Remarkably, one of the most compelling but unexplored explanations may rest with a FBI warning of October 2006, which reported that “White supremacist infiltration of law enforcement” represented a significant national threat.
Several key events preceded the report. A federal court found that members of a Los Angeles sheriffs department formed a Neo Nazi gang and habitually terrorized the black community. Later, the Chicago police department fired Jon Burge, a detective with reputed ties to the Ku Klux Klan, after discovering he tortured over 100 black male suspects. Thereafter, the Mayor of Cleveland discovered that many of the city police locker rooms were infested with “White Power” graffiti. Years later, a Texas sheriff department discovered that two of its deputies were recruiters for the Klan.
FBI’s warning of White Supremacists infiltrating Law Enforcement nearly forgotten
Because of intensifying civil strife over the recent killings of unarmed black men and boys, many Americans are wondering,
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*HIT THE NIGGER BABY* The name of a children's game which was the equivalent of hitting the pinata, commonly played at birthday parties. There were some rather barbaric techniques used to make the game last longer: Black female babies were believed to better for the "game" because they were deemed naturally weak and whiny. Many black slave mothers were forced to breastfeed the babies that were to be used for the game because it was more likely to make them vomit and cry from the blows 
It has been pretty well documented recently that, during slavery and into the 20th Century, black babies were used as alligator bait in North and Central Florida.
His fingers were cut off and distributed to the crowd as souvenirs before he was viciously beaten then burn to death.
Isis Terrorist ,Beheading A Prisoner
 Hundreds of white terrorist would gather,some times in the 1000 to watch the lynching of a black person . The victim would be tied to a tree his or her fingers cut off and distributed to the crowd as souvenirs before he or she was viciously beaten.“Members of the mob would used a large corkscrew to bore holes into the victim’ body and pull out large chunks of ‘quivering flesh’, after which the victim would be thrown onto a raging fire and burned,” the report says.“The white men, women and children present watched the horrific murders while enjoying devilled eggs, lemonade and whiskey in a picnic-like atmosphere.”
The Negro Holocaust: Lynching and Race Riots in the United States,1880-1950
The United States has a brutal history of domestic violence. It is an ugly episode in our national history that has long been neglected. Of the several varieties of American violence, one type stands out as one of the most inhuman chapters in the history of the world—the violence committed against Negro citizens in America by white people. This unit of post Reconstruction Afro-American history will examine anti-Black violence from the 1880s to the 1950s. The phenomenon of lynching and the major race riots of this period, called the American Dark Ages 
Immediately following the end of Reconstruction, the Federal Government of the United States restored white supremacist control to the South and adopted a “laissez-faire” policy in regard to the Negro. The Negro was betrayed by his country. This policy resulted in Negro disfranchisement, social, educational and employment discrimination, and peonage. Deprived of their civil and human rights, Blacks were reduced to a status of quasislavery or “second-class” citizenship. A tense atmosphere of racial hatred, ignorance and fear bred lawless mass violence, murder and lynching.
A subliminal Message Is A Signal Or Message Designed To Pass Below (Sub) The Normal Limits Of Perception. For Example It Might Be Inaudible To The Conscious Mind (But Audible To The Unconscious Or Deeper Mind) Or Might Be An Image Transmitted Briefly And Unperceived Consciously And Yet Perceived Unconsciously.
'Bye-Bye Black Skin,Hello White Skin! (Scrub Hard!) 

The ad in question is for Dove’s Visible Care body wash line, recently seen in magazines across the country. In the ad, there are three women- one black, one possibly Latina and one white. The women are arranged from dark to light and stand in front of two images: one labeled “before” showing cracked, dry skin and the other labeled “after” showing smooth, healthy skin.
Pears Soap-Adverts like this for Pear's soap, exploiting the differences between Black and White, are seen as explicitly racist today. They reinforce the stereotype of Black skin as dark and undesirable, 
A recurring theme in a number of soap ads involved the black person who wanted to be white or the black child whose white peers would not play with him until he washed himself white. The black character was sometimes depicted as willing to do almost anything to change his color. A classic example was an ad for Pears' soap that showed a black boy getting into a tub of water. In a second frame, after he had used Pears', the boy had a white body, although his head, which had not been immersed in the soapy water, remained black.
From the beginning of the 20th century to the mid-1960s, advertising using stereotypical images of African-Americans was pervasive throughout the U.S. Some of the images became American icons and are still used on products today. Blacks were made to appear subservient and ignorant as well as ugly and grotesque. And if domestic work or menial labor was involved, blacks were depicted as being best suited for the job.
"A lot of young kids today don't realize what our ancestors went through," said Kirby, who has a 22-year-old son. "Just like the Jews don't want people to forget the Holocaust, I don't want my son to forget what black people went through."
An Internet Search Using The Phrase "Black Memorabilia" Yields More Than 139,000 Web Sites That Deal With The Genre. There Are Black Collectible Clubs, Trade Shows, Magazines And Books.
Objects that depicted black people in a degrading fashion began to be made in the 1820s, in response to the growing abolitionist movement, according to John Thorp, director of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, located on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich.
"Those who depended on slavery used the shuffling, bumbling character to dehumanize African-Americans," Thorp said in a phone interview. "It was part and parcel to the defense of slavery."
Thorp said these racist images served a purpose for white slaveowners. They wanted black people to be seen as helpless and dimwitted, and therefore better off -- and even happier -- as slaves.
A prime example of this is the "mammy" caricature. The mammy -- an example is Aunt Jemima -- is an asexual, overweight, maternal figure, designed to perpetuate the notion of the happy slave.
According to the Jim Crow museum's Web site, the mammy character's "wide grin, hearty laughter and loyal servitude were offered as evidence of the supposed humanity of the institution of slavery."
This game is vicious and based on false stereotypes that are callous, sexist, and racist.
The tagline alone — "Why bother working for a living?" — is enough to see how incredibly awful this game was. The idea: players would pursue two paths, either the "working person's rut" or "able-bodied welfare recipient's promenade," and see who could get ahead first via government welfare payouts or paydays. The player with the most money after taxes wins.
Throughout the game players are asked if they know good from evil. Individuals can choose the church or slip into a life of crime. Church provides strength and guidance. Crime has consequences, and while lucrative, it also leads to frequent encounters with police and ultimately, prison. If a player has acquired enough money, they can pay for the "Dream Team Attorney". If not, the overworked and often unreliable Public Defender is available.
Cars also make a difference, and a player must choose their ride wisely. Options include the SUV, Used Car, Bucket, or even no car at all. Choosing no car is risky because public transportation is unreliable and one needs a car to get around in Downtown.
There are 360 Action Cards that provide diversions, roadblocks, and unexpected curves in all aspects of life.
After the release of the CIA torture report by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) the world is reeling in shock at the level of brutality revealed in the documents. In fact, the whole report is nothing more than a confession of sadistic procedures that could have been lifted from the diaries of Torquemada, from "rectal feeding" to nude beatings and humiliation - horrors that were well-known but not officially confirmed. But the report remains incomplete. Indeed, some 9000 documents have been withheld. 
What new horrors could be discovered with the publication of these records? 
Perhaps the most gut-wrenching story to emerge from Bagram has been buried in the German media and remains unknown to much of the world. Published by German author and former politician Juergen Todenhoefer in his latest book, Thou Shalt Not Kill, the account stems from a visit to Kabul. At a local hotel, a former Canadian soldier and private security contractor named Jack told Todenhoefer why he could not longer stand working in Bagram. 
"It's not my thing when Afghans get raped by dogs," Jack remarked. 
Todenhoefer's son, who was present with him in Kabul and was transcribing Jack's words, was so startled by the comment he nearly dropped his pad and pen. 
The war veteran, who loathed manipulating Western politicians even as he defended tactics of collective punishment, continued his account: Afghan prisoners were tied face down on small chairs, Jack said. Then fighting dogs entered the torture chamber. 
"If the prisoners did not say anything useful, each dog got to take a turn on them," Jack told Todenhoefer. "After procedure like these, they confessed everything. They would have even said that they killed Kennedy without even knowing who he was." 
NATO Dogs Used To Rape Afghan Prisoners At Bagram Air Base
Torture at Abu Ghraib
Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees; pouring cold water on naked detainees; beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair; threatening male detainees with rape; allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell; sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick, and using military working dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack, and in one instance actually biting a detainee.
 White America has a memory problem ,if you talk about the lynching that occurred in America and the  level of brutality inflicted on the Afro-Americans they will say that it happen long ago and that things like lynchings and dismembering of black body to distributed  the parts to the white TERRORIST crowd as souvenirs would never happen again yet you can see by the actions in  Abu Ghraib and Bagram Air Base ,that nothing has changed .A police officer can Gun down a handcuff black man and be found innocent by a white jury should tell anyone most whites still fell the brutalization of blacks is still necessary to keep us in are place'
themselves. In these race riots, white mobs invaded Black neighborhoods, beat and killed large numbers of Blacks and destroyed Black property. In most instances, Blacks fought back and there were many casualties on both sides, though most of the dead were Black.
In the decade immediately preceding World War I, a pattern of racial violence began to emerge in which white mob assaults were directed against entire Black communities. These race riots were the product of white society’s desire to maintain its superiority over Blacks, vent its frustrations in times of distress, and attack those least able to defend 
1. In each of the race riots, with few exceptions, it was white people that sparked the incident by attacking Black people.
2. In the majority of the riots, some extraordinary social condition prevailed at the time of the riot: prewar social changes, wartime mobility, post-war adjustment, or economic depression.
3. The majority of the riots occurred during the hot summer months.
4. Rumor played an extremely important role in causing many riots. Rumors of some criminal activity by Blacks against whites perpetuated the actions of white mobs.
5. The police force, more than any other institution, was invariably involved as a precipitating cause or perpetuating factor in the riots. In almost every one of the riots, the police sided with the attackers, either by actually participating in, or by failing to quell the attack.
6. In almost every instance, the fighting occurred within the Black community.

Most of the lynchings were by hanging or shooting, or both. However, many were of a more hideous nature—burning at the stake, maiming, dismemberment, castration, and other brutal methods of physical torture. Lynching therefore was a cruel combination of racism and sadism, which was utilized primarily to sustain the caste system in the South. Many white people believed that Negroes could only be controlled by fear. To them, lynching was seen as the most effective means of control.
The United States has a brutal history of domestic violence. It is an ugly episode in our national history that has long been neglected. Of the several varieties of American violence, one type stands out as one of the most inhuman chapters in the history of the world—the violence committed against Negro citizens in America by white people. 
I,d rather be shoot in the head or beheaded by ISIS ,then to be castrated or have my fingers cut off and distributed to a WHITE AMERICAN TERRORIST mob  as souvenirs before I was viciously beaten then burn to death.
Board games were an element of Americas propaganda campaign within The United States.Most American game makers, understood that “To be perceived, propaganda must evoke the interest of an audience and must be transmitted through an attention-getting communications medium. Board games and toys for children served as a way to spread racial, military, and political propaganda to white youth.
1. "Public Assistance" published by Hammerhead Enterprises in 1980.2."Blacks & Whites," published by Dynamic Design in 1970.3."Ghettopoly," published by Stolen Property Fencing Game in 2003.4,"Four Little Nigger Boys," published by Chad Valley in 1950.
America: What is Wrong With You? Behold These 5. Racist,Horribly Offensive Board Games 
Famous board games have made family entertainment out of some dark stuff, from bankruptcy to murder to . But when you dig a little further into the industry’s history, you find things getting considerably more disturbing. You spot games about racism  and even genocide—stuff so offensive you can hardly believe the games were ever published.
We like to think of the racial violence of America’s recent past as an aberration, that it cropped up during an especially hostile moment in history and went away suddenly. A closer look at the reality of racial violence — lynching in particular — suggests, however, that America’s predilection for the slaughter of black men is alive and well and, at work in our nation’s police departments.
Police Killings Picked Up Where Lynching Left Off
Historians and scholars’ best estimate is that two to three blacks were lynched each week in the American South during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Nationwide, the figure totalled nearly 5,000. Lynchings were, for a time, were so common and so much a part of American culture that they spurred a style of postcard, images of lifeless, mutilated, dangling, sometimes burned black bodies to be sent around the country and enjoyed the way one might share a meme today on Instagram.
Again, it’s estimated that two or three blacks were lynched each week in the American South during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Compare that to conservative reports from the FBI that, in the seven years between 2005 and 2012, a white officer used deadly force against a black person almost two times every week. A deeper analysis by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement found that, in just 2012, police killed more than 313 black people — one every 28 hours. MXGM also found that 44% of those killed were unarmed and 43% were not in the process of of committing a crime, but stopped by police for “suspicious activity.”
Any discussion involving American militarism must include the underpinnings of white supremacy, an all-encompassing ideology which has ravaged the lives and communities of non-white peoples for centuries. White supremacy is fueled by objectification and, more specifically, the collective dehumanization of peoples of color. Its power lies in the fact that it not only transcends the fundamental societal arrangement of class, but that it is embraced largely by working class whites who have shown a willingness to internalize and project their own oppression onto others - in this case, the non-white working classes.
American Militarism and White Supremacy
Sarah Baartman, was the most well known of at least two Khoikhoi women who, due to their large buttocks, were exhibited as freak show attractions in 19th-century Europe under the name Hottentot
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Holmesburg Prison Experiments
 Two different Afro-American Women,both lynch,both pregnant,both had their stomachs slit open ,both had their babies fall from their  stomachs alive and crying and both babies were then beat to death